About Us

Booster Goods, Inc. is the US partner of Guangzhou Shun-Hua Hardware Factory, which is a Chinese company that was established in 2000. Shun-Hua Hardware Factory and Booster Goods, Inc. run a professional team dedicated to quality design and management, which include product design, mold making, and molding products to the assembly. Strict quality control is enforced in every single process during production.

Shun-Hua Hardware Factory and Booster Goods, Inc specialize in the processing and design of stainless steel, copper and iron home improvement products, car/sporting goods and household items. All of our products have great quality and fashionable designs. Shun-Hua Hardware Factory already has a vast market in China, and is in cooperation with European and US vendors to develop and improve more products for the market.

“Top quality, best service” is always the priority for Shun-Hua Hardware Factory and Booster Goods, Inc.. We will provide superior products and excellent services to all of our customers.

  • Our Production Site

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